Sex and blowjobs for the fraternity boys as part of a sorority hazing challenge

This weeks college rules submission winners come from an eastern sorority, These girls decided to film their pledges as they completed some sexual tasks. Three pledges three tasks as the girls read out loud what they had to do their aces cringed with the thought of going through some serious public humiliation. but these pledges were determined to do what it takes to get into their beloved sorority. they were willing to strip down naked and run through hallways, jerk off some random dude in a classroom and even take a load or two to the face. isn’t college hazing great? enjoy! .

Sorority pledges strip nude in public and chant songs streaking through the dorm

  3 New girls are about to be initiated into sorority life and are willing to do whatever it takes to be part of the group or so they say.  The big sorority sisters are about to put them to the test today and see just how worthy they are to be a real memberContinue Reading

6 nude college girls streaking in the dorm as part of a naked hazing initiation

  CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD   We had no idea sororities were so demanding, this weeks submission video winner takes the cake in originality and pure awesomeness! the college girls at this sorority have no shame in making their pledges do the most random sexual acts for our seer entertainment. and for that we sayContinue Reading

Traditional sorority hazing ceremony with naked freshmen forced to eat pussy

*Video: traditional college hazing ceremony   CLICK HERE FOR THE COMPLETE VIDEO The traditional hazing many go through in college gets a bad rap sometimes with many people calling for it to be banned but judging from the hazing videos we are sent in from sororities across the country I can only hope it continues. Continue Reading